Aga and Rayburn Servicing

As an Aga / Rayburn owner, you know it's core to the comfort of your house. Agas do need a 6 monthly service to keep them reliable, efficient and up to temperature.

Aga servicing takes about 2 hours and includes checking and cleaning the burner and essential safety checks. Revised EU standards for heating oil mean that Agas are at a raised risk of carbon build-up as well as suffering from blocked oil filters due to bacterial growth in the oil. Valley Oil Services can test and address cases where bacterial growth is causing oil filters to block prematurely.

If you are having building works carried out, we strongly advise an Aga safety check to make sure flue gas venting and combustion air supply are safe and comply with OFTEC and Building standards. We can readily do this alongside your builders or at your convenience.

Agas rarely go wrong but we can offer a "TLC" service where we re-furbish and replace lids and linings as required.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss servicing or enhancement of your Aga or Rayburn - 01275 350098 / 07527 413464.
Week-day and evening calls are available and week-end calls can be made in special circumstances.
We offer cost effective maintenance plans and in most cases we don't charge a call-out fee.