Oil Storage Tanks and Supply Pipes

Many faults with Oil Boilers or Cookers stem from contaminated oil or poor tank installations. We offer a full tank & pipe inspection service as well as pressure testing and compliance reviews against current building regulations

Old steel tanks are at a high risk of corrosion, leakage and fuel contamination. Plastic oil tanks are now the popular replacement route because maintenance is much reduced. Domestic tanks are available from 1,000 litres to 2500 litres in size and are either single skin or integrally bunded. A bunded tank is recommended and legally required should the tank be situated near a water course, drain, well or on farmland.

We can advise and manage the supply of a new or replacement tank, we can also connect to the new tank your Oil Cooker or Boiler making sure the essential valves, filters and safety controls are installed.

If you are worried about your tank, we can perform an initial site visit to assess it's condition and recommend remedial or replacement actions. Any major works will be in full compliance with OFTEC and Building regulations (we are certified to submit major tank update notices to Building Control as an alternative to expensive council inspections).

Please contact us if you if would like further information and advice - 01275 350098 / 07527 413464.
Week-day and evening calls are available and week-end calls can be made in special circumstances.
We offer cost effective maintenance plans and in most cases we don't charge a call-out fee.